Podcast: Harry Geyer, The Wheel Mill

Harry Geyer is the owner of The Wheel Mill in the Homewood neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA. Harry, in his own words: Husband, virtual father to 5,000 kids at The Wheel Mill, hard-bop jazz fan, mountain bike enthusiast, all kinds of bike enthusiast, including with motors, closet science nerd, workaholic bad friend of good people, voted (by himself) most likely to go off the grid at any moment.
Show Notes
Harry Geyer, Owner, The Wheel Mill
contact info:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheWheelMill
Twitter: @thewheelmill
Instagram: @TheWheelMill
Links mentioned in the Podcast:
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The Freeman Technique, Elite Fitness & Movement Consultancy, instructional videos, clinics, private sessions and group classes (Pittsburgh, PA and throughout the world)
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