Podcast: BaM Choreography, 
Brianna Pato & Meghan Greenwood

BaM Choreography, LLC is a team of two sisters, Brianna Pato and Meghan Greenwood, who are based out of Pittsburgh, PA. BaM strives to provide high quality dance routines and energizing fitness classes in multiple styles for a variety of venues, including but not limited to: Competition Teams, Schools, Gyms, Studios, Family Centers, Theater Performances, Events, Music Videos, Weekend Workshops, Weddings, Workplace Fitness, etc. BaM offers professional services and motivational fitness – promoting health & confidence through dance for all ages!
Show Notes:
Brianna Pato and Meghan Greenwood, Owners, BaM Choreography, LLC, contact info:
Email: bamchoreography@gmail.com
Web: www.bamchoreography.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BaMChoreography
Twitter: @BaMChoreography
Instagram: @BaMChoreography
Links mentioned in the Podcast:
Fullbody Fitness Club, Brentwood, PA
*Aerial silks classes;
*Strength and Conditioning classes with Mark Freeman of Freeman Technique
Freeman Technique, Pittsburgh, PA
(also featured on 10/9/16 FitLabPGH podcast)
SPHS (Southwestern Pennsylvania Human Services) After-School Child Care Programs (and many other services)
Hell on Hills, Beechview, PA
The World’s Steepest 5K, Inaugural race was October 15, 2016
Contact Info for FitLabPGH:

Email: fitlabpgh@gmail.com
Twitter: @fitlabpgh
Instragram: @fitlabpgh
YouTube channel (Movement Tips and Lifestyle Hacks)

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Marathon Man by Jason Shaw from the album Audionautix: Acoustic, licensed under an Attribution 3.0 United States License. Available at www.FreeMusicArchive.org