Podcast #20-18 Dr Philip Skiba- PhysFarm & AdvocateAurora Health Care part 2

Dr. Philip Skiba is Director of Sports Medicine for AdvocateAurora Health Care, one of the largest medical groups in the United States.  A long time coach and elite sports consultant, Dr. Skiba was recently seen in the award-winning film Breaking2, where he travelled the world with the team of scientists seeking to help break the 2 hour marathon barrier.  His research work and equations have changed the way sports performances are engineered and analyzed.  He is based in Chicago.

For more information about Dr. Philip Skiba, and his Coaching and Consulting services, go to http://physfarm.com/new/

or connect with him using the Social Media links below.

Show Notes:
Dr. Philip Skiba, PhysFarm, contact info:
Website: http://physfarm.com/new/

E-mail: pskiba@physfarm.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DrPhilipSkiba

Links mentioned in the Podcast (Part 2):
Overview of the Breaking2 Project:

Breaking2 – Full National Geographic Documentary

American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)

Scientific Training for Triathletes, Dr. Philip Skiba (2nd Edition Coming Soon)

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