Podcast: Mark Freeman- Freeman Technique

Mark Freeman, CEO, Freeman Technique has 20 years of acrobatic experience stemming from Elite International Gymnastics and Cirque du Soleil, Freeman Technique tackles the fundamental elements that develop proficient movement technique by providing the perfect blend of discipline and performing qualities. Freeman Technique instills basic strength, flexibility and spatial awareness in all of its athletes, promoting safer, more efficient and aesthetically pleasing movement, which, in turn, will maximize confidence and the potential of individuals.
Show Notes:
Mark Freeman contact info:
Instructional videos: http://vod.freemantechnique.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/freemantechnique
Instagram: @freemantechnique
Twitter: @freemantechniqu
Phone: +1(412)694-2713
Mark Freeman hosts the following classes:

* Adult Gymnastics at All-Star Athletics & Gymnastics (See link below):

Mondays at 8pm and Saturdays at 4pm

* Strength & Conditioning at Fullbody Fitness Club (See link below):

Tuesdays at 8:30pm and Thursdays at 6pm
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All-Star Athletics & Gymnastics, Robinson Township, PA

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Fullbody Fitness Club, Brentwood, PA
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