Podcast #13-18 Trash to Thrash- Jason McKoy & Nick Miller

Trash to Thrash (TtT) (in their own words) collects used, slightly abused, and sometimes new skateboard parts donated from local skaters and skate shops. We take those parts and make complete skateboard decks that we give to the youth to skate on after teaching them the fundamentals of skating at community sponsored Skate Jams and workshops. At the end of the day, every kid walks off with a fresh deck, vigor and vim to keep active with their new hobby.
We interviewed Jason McKoy and Nick Miller, Co-Founders of Trash to Thrash.  To learn more about Trash to Thrash, Nick Miller, and Jason McKoy, connect with them using the links below.
Show Notes:
Jason McKoy and Nick Miller, Co-Founders, Trash to Thrash (TtT), contact info:
E-mail (TtT): general@trashtothrash.org
E-mail (Jason): Jason.m@trashtothrash.org
E-mail (Nick): Nickmillerpromotes@gmail.com
Website (TtT): https://trashtothrash.org
Website (Jason – McKoy Creative): http://www.mckoycreative.com
Facebook (TtT): https://www.facebook.com/TrashtoThrash/
Facebook (Jason): https://www.facebook.com/jason.mckoy
Instagram (TtT): https://www.instagram.com/trashtothrash/
Instagram (Jason): https://www.instagram.com/spelledwitha_k/
Instagram (Nick): https://www.instagram.com/nickologist/
Twitter (TtT): https://twitter.com/trashtothrash
Twitter (Jason): https://twitter.com/spelledwitha_K
Twitter (Nick): https://twitter.com/nickologist
Links mentioned in the Podcast:
Black Forge Coffee House, Pittsburgh, PA (Allentown)
Switch & Signal Skatepark, Pittsburgh, PA (Swissvale)- Kerry Weber, Owner


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Dogtown and Z-Boys (2001)- Documentary directed by Stacy Peralta
Zeke’s Coffee, Pittsburgh, PA
Don Drolet, Pittsburgh, PA- Standing Crane Tai Chi, Qigong, Meditation
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