Lindsay Gibson- Women’s Adventure Club

Lindsay Gibson (in her own words): I founded the Women’s Adventure Club in September 2019 with a mission to create opportunities for women to connect with nature and other like-minded people and to push past their comfort zone through new experiences.  
Prior to Pittsburgh, my family and I lived in Anchorage, Alaska for seven years. During our years in the Last Frontier I experienced so many wonderful outdoor adventures. I learned how to alpine ski, nordic ski, and fatbike in the snow. Learning these activities in my late 30s meant that I was reaching beyond my comfort zone. Today, these are some of my most beloved ways to experience the natural world.  I know the magic of going outside your comfort zone and trying new things, despite age. 
Leaving Alaska was difficult for all of us, but I was determined to find a connection to the outdoors in our new home. Settling in the Sewickley area, I began to see that there is a different mindset and a different culture in regard to outdoor recreation. My time adventuring in the outdoors of Alaska had been a huge source of purpose, joy, peace, vitality, and the feeling of being connected to something bigger. I felt compelled to share this with women here in our area. 
To date (April, ‘20) we have had 35 adventures to include alpine skiing, snowshoeing, skeet shooting, biking and hiking.  It’s been so rewarding for me to see how being in the outdoors has contributed to women’s wellness, confidence, and happiness. 
Special thanks to my Alaska friends for being such an important part of my experiences in the wilds of AK. 
Thank you to Joe from REI Pittsburgh. Your enthusiasm and support of my endeavors to open the natural world to the women in the WAC is appreciated more than you could ever know. I’m so grateful.
Thank you to Fern Hollow Nature Center for being the Women’s Adventure Club’s first partner. 
Thank you to my husband for believing in me and my children for being my favorite adventurers. 
A huge thank you to the members of The Women’s Adventure Club for trusting me. I love sharing time on the trails with you. I sincerely hope your experiences in the great outdoors will be as transformative for you as they have been for me.
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