Rhys Crosswell, Trail / Ultra Running Coach and Educator

Rhys Crosswell (in his own words): As a coach I want to inspire and educate people on how to become the best they can and encourage people to push themselves to limits they may not consider possible. I love running and the places, both mental and physical, it takes you. In my opinion Ultra-running dismantles all stereotypes. You should never underestimate the person you see on the start line of an ultra, nor should you judge them on their physique, age, gender, or the type of gear they wear. In my experience Ultra-runners have the mental fortitude to concur mountains, and rediscover limits and with the right guidance, there is no stopping us.

As a husband and father to a toddler, I know how precious time is, therefore I endeavour to work efficiently and effectively with my athletes, so they can reach their goals within the parameters they are working. In doing so it most importantly must be enjoyable, fulfilling and freeing.

As an athlete, I have always had running in my life one way or another. As a school kid I was always involved in athletics and cross country. Growing up I was very active in team sports and surfing, skiing and snowboarding. Being from New Zealand and growing up in the lower south island, mountains and adventure were very easy to come by! I went through a long journey in my late 20’s with chronic lower back pain, I thought my running days were gone but once I saw Kate from Endurance Movement I managed to get in the best shape of my life. After getting back into running competitively, I found the ultra distance and fell in love with it. I have competed in the 50-130km distance but most of my ultra running has been done on self curated adventures. I love finding a trail or particular goal and organising the adventure myself as it is extremely satisfying.

As well as working as a trail and ultra coach I also work in education. I had a brief spell at university studying behavioral science but changed and became qualified as a special needs education assistant specialising in children with autism. My love of the outdoors and passion for kids to spend as much of there time learning outside has lead me to my current role of running a specialised learning program at a primary school managing a Kitchen Garden project. I teach the students to grow and cultivate their own produce and then cook healthy nutritious recipes in the kitchen.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rhys.crosswell.coaching/

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