FitLabPGH Lab Lessons 30:24 Meet Abbie the Black Lab

LabLessons from FitLab Deep Creek:

Meet Abbie.

We weren’t expecting to add a member to the FitLab team so soon after losing Maggie the Black Lab. But when Puddin’s breeder (Newlander Labradors) let us know Puddin’s grand-niece was available, we couldn’t resist! Abbie is an 11 month old black Labrador, and she seems excited to join the FitLab Deep Creek team. So please help us welcome Abigail, aka Abbie, and look for her words of wisdom in future Labrador Lessons.

Move more. Move often. Move with friends, old and new.

FitLabDeepCreek Movement Tips & Labrador Lessons 29:24

FitDeepCreek promotes #movementisalifestyle with weekly movement tips & a Labrador Lesson.  This week Pudding say Enjoy Your Movement


Our Movement Tips: Celebrate Your Opportunities & Grieving, but Still Moving

FitLabPGH Lab Lessons 29:24 Enjoy Your Movement

LabLessons from FitLab Deep Creek:

Enjoy Your Movement.

Puddin is still not accustomed to being an only dog, especially on her walks, but we make sure she gets to go outside and enjoy her movement. If you want to make movement part of your lifestyle, it helps to enjoy your movement activities. Puddin not only loved the scents on her Sniffy Sunday walk, she also made use of the video break to roll around. We’re doing our best to keep her entertained until we find her the right furry friend.

Move more. Move often. Even when you’re sad, try to enjoy your movement.

FitLabPGH Lab Lessons 28:24 Stay Positive on the Trail

LabLessons from FitLab Deep Creek:

Stay Positive on the Trail.

Puddin has noticed that there is a lot of negativity on social media…even on Facebook groups for trail enthusiasts 😳. Dog walkers complain about cyclists. Cyclists complain about walkers. Everyone complains about SOMETHING. Puddin encourages people to focus on their own behavior and safety. If you behave in a way that keeps you (and your dogs) safe on the trail, the trail will be a more positive place for everyone.

Move more. Move often. Tune in for weekly wisdom from Labradors.

FitLabPGH Lab Lessons 27:24 Just Keep Moving

LabLessons from FitLab Deep Creek:

Just Keep Moving.

Last week, we lost Maggie the Black Lab to a fast-growing spinal tumor. We are sad (massive understatement)…and Puddin the Yellow Lab is also sad. But the best thing for all of us is to keep moving. We’re honoring Maggie’s memory by hiking trails she loved. And we’re creating a new normal for Puddin by keeping her moving.

Move more. Move often. Even when you’re sad…especially, when you’re sad…Keep moving. Remember the good times.

FitLabDeepCreek Movement Tip & 2 Labrador Lessons 25:24

FitLabDeepCreek promotes #movementisalifestyle with weekly movement tips & a Labrador Lesson.  This week the Labs gave us 2 tips due to the hot weather The Upside of Social Media Heatwave Safety Tips

Our Movement Tip- You Can’t Control the Weather


FitLabPGH Lab Lessons 25:24 Heatwave Safety Tips for Dogs

LabLessons from FitLab Deep Creek:

Heatwave Safety Tips for Dogs.

Due to the current heatwave impacting much of the country, we’re bringing you a bonus Lab Lesson – 5 tips to keep dogs (and their humans) safely moving through the summer heat. 1) Get out early (or late) to avoid mid-day heat. 2) Choose soft surfaces if possible (cooler on paws). 3) Choose shade if possible. 4) Let the dogs set the pace (but be ready to slow them down or shorten the walk as needed). 5) Make plenty of water stops.

Move more. Move often. Stay safe so that you can keep moving in any weather.

FitLabPGH Lab Lessons 25:24 Focus on the Positives of Social Media

LabLessons from FitLab Deep Creek:

Focus on the Positives of Social Media.

As Labradors, we love to explore trails with our humans. We’ve heard that social media has some negative aspects, but we like to focus on the positives…social media provides access to new trails to explore. Our humans discovered many of the trails we’ve been exploring in Garrett County on social media. If you find that social media is causing stress in your life, set down your device and get outside (or at least, pet a dog).

Move more. Move often. Use social media as a tool to find more ways (or places) to move.

FitLabPGH is now FitLabDeepCreek #movementisalifestyle

FitLabPGH is now FitLabDeepCreek – still promoting #movementisalifestyle with weekly movement tips & a Labrador Lesson.  This week the Labs took time to listen to me talk about the change to FitLabDeepCreek

 Our Movement Tip Get Your Mind Moving & back next week w more tips…hard to believe it’s week 24 of ’24!!

FitLabPGH Lab Lessons 23:24 Share the Trail

Labrador Lesson from FitLabPGH:

Share the Trail.

As Labradors, we love to explore trails with our humans. We’ve been asked how we decide when to step aside to let oncoming trail users pass us. Because some trail users are intimidated by dogs, if it’s safe to do so, we step off the trail. Providing extra space for other trail users allows them to enjoy their trail time and leaves a positive impression of our trail dogs.

Move more. Move often. Share the trail.