FitLabPGH Lab Lessons 44:23 Be Proactive About Your Health

Labrador Lesson for 11/4/23:

Be Proactive About Your Health.

The Labradors count on their humans to create a healthy lifestyle. After consulting with the humans, the Labs have 3+ tips to help you and your 4-legged friends implement a healthy lifestyle. 1. Get regular movement. This is easy for the Labs; they love to move. 2. Eat quality food (and not “too much” of it). The Labs REALLY need the humans for this one…and sometimes humans need a consult from a registered dietitian. 3. Remember to get regular checkups and vaccines. Bonus tip: ENJOY your movement time; have fun with it!

Move more. Move often. Whether you have 2 legs or 4, take a tip from the Labs: be proactive about your health.


FitLabPGH’s Movement Tips & Lab Lessons Week 3 of ’23


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FitLabPGH brought to you by Moving2Live promotes the ethos #movement is a lifestyle, not just an activity with 3 movement tips a week and a Lab Lesson aka learn from the Labradors. For week 3 of ’23 the Labs remind us Don’t … Continue reading

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