FitLabPGH Lab Lessons 29:24 Enjoy Your Movement

LabLessons from FitLab Deep Creek:

Enjoy Your Movement.

Puddin is still not accustomed to being an only dog, especially on her walks, but we make sure she gets to go outside and enjoy her movement. If you want to make movement part of your lifestyle, it helps to enjoy your movement activities. Puddin not only loved the scents on her Sniffy Sunday walk, she also made use of the video break to roll around. We’re doing our best to keep her entertained until we find her the right furry friend.

Move more. Move often. Even when you’re sad, try to enjoy your movement.

FitLabPGH Lab Lessons 28:24 Stay Positive on the Trail

LabLessons from FitLab Deep Creek:

Stay Positive on the Trail.

Puddin has noticed that there is a lot of negativity on social media…even on Facebook groups for trail enthusiasts 😳. Dog walkers complain about cyclists. Cyclists complain about walkers. Everyone complains about SOMETHING. Puddin encourages people to focus on their own behavior and safety. If you behave in a way that keeps you (and your dogs) safe on the trail, the trail will be a more positive place for everyone.

Move more. Move often. Tune in for weekly wisdom from Labradors.