Moving2Live Presents Movement is a Lifestyle on PTCT7 – Show #7 – Larry Gioia, Side’aht Pickleball

On our most recent episode of the Movement is a Lifestyle show, we sat down with Larry Gioia, Founder and Head Instructor, of Side-art Pickleball, to talk about the explosive growth of pickleball in our region and and across the country!

We covered a lot of ground in our short time together! We talked about …
🏓 The history of the sport
🏓 What makes pickleball so approachable?
🏓 Innovation and evolution of the game
🏓 Some predictions as to what’s coming
🏓 The ‘why’ behind Side’aht Pickleball
🏓 Pickleball as a sport for ALL ages + abilities
🏓 Where Larry foresees the sport going in the future
If any of these topics interest you, we invite you to listen in!

Thanks to Peters Township Community Television!

Kate Baldwin, PhD, Physiotherapist and Exercise and Sport Scientist

Kate Baldwin (in her own words): Physiotherapist. Exercise and Sport Scientist. PhD examining strength training in long-distance triathletes. Created own physiotherapy and exercise clinic based on the philosophy that ‘movement is medicine’

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