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Melissa Boswell (in her own words): I am a Bioengineering Ph.D. student at Stanford University. My current research bridges the fields of biomechanics, psychology, and computer science to understand not just how we move, but how we think about movement and our motivation for being physically active. My commitment to an active lifestyle, coupled with my passion for understanding human movement, motivate my passions in monitoring and improving movement with novel wearable technologies. I also enjoy science communication, including as a co-host of the podcast Biomechanics On Our Minds (BOOM). I facilitate positive, creative environments, and continuously seek to challenge myself through learning, new experiences, and meeting new people.

Hanna O’Day (in her own words): I am a Boston native, now a Bioengineering Ph.D. student at Stanford University. I have been lucky to be part of many diverse spaces where adaptability, creativity and communication are key. My current research involves both biomechanics and neuroscience to better understand what happens in both our bodies and brain when movement doesn’t go as planned. Particularly, I study how people with Parkinson’s disease walk, and what happens when they have trouble with their mobility and work to design adaptive, personalized and smarter therapies to improve their quality of life. I have loved connecting with patients and people, at the many interfaces and junctions that my research brings me to. Most of all, I love learning and sharing stories. I have loved being a co-host of the podcast Biomechanics On Our Minds (BOOM), which has brought so many stories, connections and laughs. I am excited to continue innovating cultures and environments that are inclusive, fun and diverse.

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