Nick Baldwin, Bike Fitter, Endurance Coach, Former Professional Triathlete

Nick Baldwin (in his own words): Former professional triathlete turned father!

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Dr. Kate Baldwin (PhD): Physiotherapist. Exercise and Sport Scientist. PhD examining strength training in long-distance triathletes.

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Brian Stover, Accelerate3 Coaching

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Moving2Live Presents Movement is a Lifestyle on PTCT7 – Show #10 – Mike Schultz, Highland Training

The latest episode of Movement is a Lifestyle on Peters Township Community Television features Mike Schultz of Highland Training. Thanks to the staff & students for making it happen and to our guest, Mike Schultz for taking time to talk about how to become a stronger, faster cyclist. Mike offered tips for cycling/training through the winter and guidance on whether hiring a coach is right for you. If improving your cycling is on your to do list, check out for endurance coaching!