FitLabPGH Lab Lessons 31:23 Why We Love Being the FitLabPGH Labs

Labrador Lesson for 8/4/23:

Why We Love Being the FitLabPGH Labs.

Today’s Labrador Lesson is a combination of Friday Fun and weekly gratitude. Three reasons we’re thankful to be the Labs of FitLabPGH. 1. We get to move most days, and we love to move. 2. When we move, our humans make it all about us (our pace; shade; soft surfaces; water breaks; and leashes to keep us safe). 3. Our humans (a.k.a., The Staff) know we’re more than walking buddies, and we’re not just accoutrements…they treat us as part of the family.

Our take home message to the dogs out there: Move more. Move often. Be thankful for your humans, just as they’re thankful for you.